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Dog gamboling in the snow

Wellness Exams

45 minutes

•   Annual Health Exams • Senior Wellness Exams •   Vaccinations • Preventative Health Care (blood & urine sampling; blood pressure measurements) •   Behaviour Concerns •   Dental Assessments            •   Healthy Pet Exams •   Nutritional Consultations •   Ongoing Medication Checks •   Puppy / Kitten / New Pet Exams •   Quality of Life Exams

Dog in Cone

Sick Pet

45-60 minutes

• Allergies & Skin problems • Chronic Illness management • Ear Problems • Eye Problems • Eye Pressure Measurement • Increased thirst • Induce Vomiting • Lameness • Lump Assessment • Mild GI upset (not needing hospitalisation / immediate imaging) • Neurological Concerns • Off Colour (mild, not needing emergency care / hospitalisation) • Referral to Specialists • Urination Problems • Unexpected Weight Loss​

Cat Cuddles



• At home Euthanasia • Private Cremation • Communal Cremation • Clay Paw Prints • Digital Paw Print Art Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest decisions, and one you never want to make. We're here for you every step of the way. We can help guide the decision with our understanding and expertise and support you through it.   As vets, it is an incredibly important part of the job, and we believe passionately that it's our duty to pets and pet owners to be able to relieve suffering and say goodbye when the time is right, in a calm, dignified and peaceful manner. Being able to say goodbye to your pet in the comfort of his/her own home, surrounded by loved ones is something I believe every pet should experience and I am so grateful to be able to offer this service to you. We work closely with the wonderful Until We Meet Again who offer a range of cremation services.

Image by James Barker


20 minutes
(50% of this fee is waived if a physical appointment is then booked)

•   Behaviour Consultations

​•   Follow Up Questions

•   Follow up Appointments

•   General Advice

•   Quality of Life Discussions

Cat in a Sweater Vest

Tech Appointments

30 minutes

Coming soon!

• Anal Gland Expression • Nail Trims • Demonstrations / Assistance • Routine Injections (Allergy; Arthritis; Fluids; Booster Vaccines) • Follow Up After Telemedicine Appointment • Blood Pressure Monitoring • Basic Grooming • Weight Loss Consultations

Dog's Portrait

Follow Up Appointments

30 minutes

• Follow Up Exams: for the same condition seen within the past 2 weeks • Follow Up Exams: for chronic illness seen in the past 6 months (allergy; arthritis; thyroid disease; kidney disease etc) • Repeat Sampling • New conditions will be subject to 'Sick Pet' exam fees if incorrectly booked

Harmony Vets aims to offer high quality and thorough general practice veterinary services in the comfort of your own home.

Services to Whistler $60

Services to Pemberton $80


There are limitations to what can be provided

given the nature of a house-call service.

What Harmony Vets cannot offer:

  • Surgery

  • Full Sedation / Anaesthetic

  • Procedures requiring the above

  • X-rays

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Hospitalisation

  • Emergency Services

If your pet needs surgery; X-rays; procedures or

a second opinion, Dr Alms will help guide you

to another veterinary service that can help to

schedule an appointment to book accordingly.

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