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Harmony Vets Keeping Your Pet Healthy at Home: Highlights from the first few months in business as a house-call vet in Whistler, BC.

house-call Veterinarian examining an exotic pet bearded dragon in Whistler

Dear Whistler and Pemberton Pet Communities,

We are excited to present the first edition of the Harmony Veterinary Services newsletter! It has been two months since Harmony Vets launched the house-call only veterinary service in Whistler and Pemberton, and we are deeply grateful for the warm welcome and support offered during our first months of operation and in the prior build up.


Our Mission:

At Harmony Vets, our mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care in the comfort of your own home. We understand the unique bond you share with your pets, we also understand your pet doesn’t always feel the same way about us vets! At Harmony our goal is to champion your pets health and well-being while fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your furry family members.


Highlights from Dr Alms in the First Two Months:


  • My dog LOVES the vet!:  It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to do the job I have trained and worked in for so many years with such willing patients! As vets we dedicate our lives to helping animals so when they just want to hide under a chair it can be a little heartbreaking. Without the white lights and white coats of the clinic, in your homes I’ve been greeted with; wet nose boops, roll-overs, licks and lots and lots of wagging tails. Fear-free house-call vetting for the win! In the comfort of your home with all the familiar sights and smells, procedures are more straightforward, they notice vaccines less, which in turn makes happier and healthier pets.  

  • Local.Loyal.Independent. We know you and you know us. Harmony is boutique veterinary care. Start to finish care and follow-up by the same vet.   

  • Community Partnerships with WAG!: Harmony Vets is delighted to have established a partnership with WAG! I have utmost admiration for the tireless dedication of the employees and volunteers of our local animal charity. Harmony is honoured to be able to offer WAG discounted veterinary care. I would love to partner with other local animal businesses, so please contact me if you’re interested.  

  • Cases so far: puppy vaccines and microchips, heart wrenching goodbyes to beloved senior pets, chronic allergy managements, poorly pet blood-work and sick pet emergencies, safely triaged and referred to Vancouver for appropriate hospitalisation and diagnostics. It’s been incredible to be there for my clients and patients in need for every step of their journey.  

Plans for the coming months 🌟:

As well as increasing the days that Harmony is open and building our client base, we hope to:

  • Establish a house-call euthanasia service in Squamish

  • Invest in new equipment: Portable ultrasound, Point of care blood work analysers, blood pressure monitors.

  • Offer at home technician services to Whistler, Pemberton and perhaps Squamish.


How to be involved:


Follow on Facebook & Instagram for updates and opening hours:

My Website has online booking, the list of services and a new prescription refill page for ongoing meds.


Your feedback and input are invaluable as we strive to improve and grow to better serve you and your pets, please do email if you have any thoughts, suggestions or comments from the service so far!


Thank you for choosing Harmony Veterinary Services LTD as the caretaker of your pets’ health. We're honoured to be a part of these wonderful communities and to be of service to those adorable furry fuzzy creatures that we’re all obsessed with. As always I’d be so grateful for the ongoing spread of word of mouth recommendations for Harmony and please do reach out if you have any questions.



Warmest regards,

Caroline 🐾

Founder & Veterinarian

Harmony Veterinary Services LTD


Harmony's Friends:

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Fear free certified veterinarian professional

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