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🚨 Important Information for Dogs Travelling to USA** 🇨🇦🇺🇸🐾


Harmony Vets wants to keep you up to date about the latest requirement updates regarding traveling with your dog into the United States. Effective August 1, 2024, the CDC has introduced new requirements that must be followed when importing dogs into the country through all borders, including land and air. It is crucial for all pet parents to be aware of these regulations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for both you and your pets. 

Key requirements include: 

1️⃣ Dogs must appear healthy upon arrival.

2️⃣ Dogs must be at least six months old.

3️⃣ Dogs must have an ISO-compatible microchip for identification.

4️⃣ Dogs must have a Certification of Foreign or U.S.- issued Rabies Vaccination *

5️⃣ Dogs must be accompanied by a CDC Dog Import Form receipt (available from 15th July 2024)

6️⃣ Additional requirements may vary based on your dog's country of origin and vaccination status. These rules apply to all dogs, including puppies, service animals, and those returning to the United States.


* endorsed by CFIA - CFIA is currently clarifying the requirements for this. Please visit their website for details.CFIA - Pet Travel  

For detailed information on what is needed to travel with your pet, we recommend visiting the CDC website and utilizing their helpful "DogBot" tool to determine the specific requirements applicable to your situation. Here is the link to access the CDC website: CDC Website - Dog Travel Requirements 

Once you have gathered the necessary information, please reach out to Harmony for any required vaccinations, microchipping, or examinations that your pet may need before traveling.


Please share this information with other pet parents to ensure everyone stays informed about these important regulations.



Important Note for Travellers from Canada to the USA:

Dogs traveling from Canada to the USA may enter without a rabies vaccination (state-specific rules apply), as Canada is considered a 'low-risk' country. However, specific conditions must be met, such as required documentation and a microchip. Dogs without a rabies vaccination are permitted a single entry into the USA for up to 30 days, while vaccinated dogs enjoy longer validity and multiple entries.



“ Domestic cats are subject to inspection at ports of entry. A general certificate of health is not required by CDC for entry of domestic cats into the United States, although some airlines or states may require them. However, cats are subject to inspection at ports of entry and may be denied entry into the United States if they have evidence of an infectious disease that can be transmitted to humans. If a cat appears to be ill, further examination by a licensed veterinarian at the owner’s expense might be required at the port of entry.

Cats are not required to have proof of rabies vaccination for importation into the United States. However, CDC recommends that all cats be vaccinated against rabies, and your US destination may have additional requirements.

All pet cats arriving in the state of Hawaii and the territory of Guam, even from the US mainland, are subject to locally imposed quarantine requirements.” 



Thank you for your attention to these new regulations, book your Travel Wellness appointment with Harmony for ISO-compatible microchipping, rabies injection and health certificates.




Best regards,

Dr Caroline


Harmony Veterinary Services LTD

Dr Caroline Alms from Harmony vets loves dogs; Travel

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